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Prolong your Phone's Life with Better Battery Care

February 12, 2015

We talk batteries a lot here at Powerocks, and we have gotten into the habit of asking people how they use our product. During this process, we have noticed a bit of battery related information that seems to be ingrained into the general consciousness that is COMPLETELY WRONG.  It sounds a little like this... "...I always make a point of running my phone battery down before I recharge it to prolong its life." ...and it is so very wrong.     The idea that you should run down your phone battery before re-charging is common, because it used to be correct. Years ago, when we used Ni-Cd batteries in our cellphones, the wireless industry worked very hard to educate users to...

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The Gift of Portable Power

December 04, 2014

Ya, we said it. Powerocks make great gifts.

It is that time of season, and the smartphone is still the hot item, the thing many of us don't want to be without. Whether it be for entertainment, work, or safety reasons, we want to have our device available when we need it. This makes portable power pack makes a great gift, and Powerocks is the...

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Introducing the Spirit Charger

November 12, 2014

The new Spirit Charger is an upgrade for the Tetris power bank, one of our best selling units. The Tetris was popular because it was easy to use. In addition to being a portable power bank it served as a USB wall outlet, which meant that when it came time to grab the Tetris, it was always charged for you. When the time came to head out and your phone battery was low, it was ready to help. When the power went out, it was on, and when you discovered your battery was low as you sat on the couch to tweet your world views, it was there (regardless of your views!).   Well the Spirit Charger improves on a...

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